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An extremely well balanced blend of coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

The Brazilian coffee comes from a very distinctive microclimate which allows the farmers to grow tropical variants of coffee. The farm, the Laranjal Estate, is located in the mountainous region of Poços de Caldas, which was purchased by Sertãozinho Group to ensure that they could produce the excellent coffee the region was known for. The farm is 330 Ha with 124 Ha used for coffee. There are currently 22 employees working there picking all of the beans manually. The farm produces 20 bags/ha. The rich fertile soil and good weather in this region allows this coffee to be more exotic than the traditional Brazilian profiles.

The naturally processed Ethiopia is a fruity and floral, full bodied coffee that originates from the region of Sidama. Farmers in Sidama dedicate themselves to the quality of the coffee process. Good land along with healthy rainfall in Sidama contributes to the full flavor of the cup. The drying process of this Ardi bean is often meticulous. Farmers will dry the coffee on beds for 8-10 days while punctually turning the coffee every 30 minutes to ensure even drying. This attention to detail produces the distinct Ardi flavors and aromas.

Produced small holder farms, the Mexico is an clean, easy-drinking, mild cup. Flavors of cocoa with a nutty aftertaste.


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12 oz, 2 lbs, 5lb


Buttery, Grape, Peach

Roast level

Light – Drip Filter


Percolator #13, Chemex #11, French press #10, Flat bottom #7, Pourover #6, Cone filter #5, AeroPress #3, Espresso #2, Turkish #1, Whole bean


Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico


Washed, Natural




Bourbon, Caturra, Heirloom