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This is the Ultralight from Espro.

It’s the world’s lightest 16oz double wall insulated press and hydration bottle, designed to keep your favourite drinks hot or cold for hours. Whether hiking the backcountry or hitting the slopes, the Ultralight lets you make better coffee anywhere, anytime. It’s so light, you won’t even feel it in your bag. The Ultralight does it all. It seals up with a leak-proof lid whether it’s being used as a hydration bottle, or for brewing coffee or steeping tea.

The Espro Ultralight truly is the lightest double wall stainless insulated hydration bottle in the world. At only 210g, it’s almost 10% lighter than the nearest competitor. It’s also the lightest double wall stainless insulated coffee or tea brewer ever made.

Now you can make barista quality coffee anytime, anywhere. The Ultralight incorporates Espro’s double filtration system that reinvented the French Press five years ago and made Espro the brand of choice for discerning coffee drinkers.

Capacity: 473ml (16oz)
Weight as hydration bottle (without filter assembly): 210g (7.4oz)
Weight with filter assembly: 269g (9.5oz)